Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guest Bulge - Cameron Foster

Hi guys!! We've got a huge treat for you tonight - we've got sexy Cameron Foster!! I've been following him on twitter for a while and he's got such a sexy body and looks amazing in his underwear. I wasn't sure he'd be down for a sexy show off in his undies, but he said yes, so here we have his Q&A and sexy photos! In addition to twitter, you can find him online on his own store site, on his website/fanclub or live on flirt4free

Undies101 posed some questions to Cameron and he was gracious enough to answer them and send along these sexy pics! ENJOY and thanks again Cameron for bulging with us!!

 Undies101: What kind of underwear do you usually wear? Why? 
CF: I like all different types of underwear, it all depends on the situation ; ) If I want to feel sexy I put on some tight name brand briefs. If I want to get in a good workout at the gym I usually wear some spandex briefs made by Under Armor, I like these because it holds everything in place tightly and comfortable for the gym. I usually like wearing boxer to bed because it gives me a lot of free room and easy to take off ; ) in a special situation. When Im just hanging around my house I like to wear boxer briefs and a tank top, this is because its still sexy but not to revealing if someone comes over on surprise. I enjoy wearing thongs and jock straps when I get requests to do so and I enjoy these because it shows a lot of ASS and Im a booty lover! Theres a couple different styles I have not tried out that are a lot more revealing in the package area that I would like too someday. 

Undies101: What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why the switch (if you have)?

CF: Growing up I wore only briefs for a while and then going into high school I would wear boxers (because thats what all he other guys were wearing in the locker room) There was a time I was supposed to wear a jock strap in football but did not because I did not own any pairs (So I went commando or in white briefs so nobody could tell)

Undies101: What kind of underwear do you feel sexiest in (if it's not the style you already wear) and why?

CF: I feel the sexiest when I were CK briefs and thats because I really like how the fit on me in just the right places ; )

Undies101: How big is your underwear collection?

CF: My underwear collection has grown a lot because of doing porn and modeling. I used to have only 3-4 pairs and now I have over 20 : )  which Im happy about, but would always love more to show off in.

Undies101: What got you into underwear?

CF: I used to love to be only naked but since others wore underwear it got me into it. Im happy that I did get into underwear, also its a lot more comfortable having underwear holding the goods in place while working out.

Undies101: Do you have a favourite brand?

CF: I would say my favorite brands so far are is Calvin Klein. My top 5 are CK, Cin2, 2(X)IST, Parker Boxer briefs, and Under Armor. 

Undies101: Is there a style(s) of underwear you won't wear, and why?

CF: I remember I used to think I would never wear a thong but then I was sent a "Male power thong" from Amazon as a gift and sure enough I like it a lot. Was kinda nervous to put it on but I heard a lot of positive feedback while doing live cam shows so that gave me the confidence to wear it more : )

I like many styles but would love to try out more. I have noticed that my fetish for underwear has grown a lot in the past year since being on webcam.


Cameron Foster said...

Hey Thank you very much for doing this Blog about me : ) Sure loved doing it! Hope you all enjoy.

undiesboy said...

holding steady at #2 most popular after a week on the site...not bad at all

Anonymous said...

More Cameron! Definitely more Cameron!!!!

Anonymous said...

HOT! We definitely want more from Cameron!!

Anonymous said...

holy shit! I love all the shots and seeing this very sexy guy on here, but shots 6 and 8 are my absolute faves!!! Bring on more Cameron!