Saturday, August 11, 2012

2xist Brite Ultra Contour Pouch Brief Review

I should begin this review by introducing myself.  I'm Wes, or as many on the Intertubes know me, The Gay Country Boy or Gay Country Wes.  I've been featured on the site before, wearing my underwear.  I was also the winner of the Bum Chum giveaway earlier in the year.  They have been worn often!

I have been given the opportunity to wear and review a new line of underwear from 2xist.  When I open my multiple underwear drawers, it looks as though I run an underwear store with a large display of 2xist briefs.  Of course, they are my personal favorites.  Don't get me wrong...there are lines I do not like as much as others and they rarely get worn.  Overall, however, there are more great ones than there are not so great ones.  The Brite line is one of the greatest.

Made of 98% Rayon and 2% Spandex, these briefs have an ultra smooth feel against your body.  This is important as not to irritate sensitive skin in the crotch.  The same material is used for leg openings.  There's nothing I dislike more than underwear with uncomfortable leg openings.  If the openings are too tight, they cut into my legs, which either cause them to hit the trash or go to someone else.  I generally do not want to pass on discomfort. 

The waistband, made to resemble a digital marquee, is a little under 1.5 inches (5.08 cm) and has a not-so-irritating tag in the back.  The material used for the waistband is very smooth and I had no issues with it bending over or bunching.  It's a sturdy, somewhat stiff, material.

I wore these briefs to the office where I sit for the majority of the day.  I never once had to correct the brief's placement when standing, or better yet, my placement in them.  One thing I look for in a pair of underwear is an easy pull-over...meaning I should easily be able to push the waistband down, without much strain, and pull my package over in the restroom.  It can be irritating, while standing at the urinal, to need to unnecessarily force hold the waistband down and cause cut markings on your sides.  I never had that problem with these.  It's another A+ for me.

The appearance is as wonderful as the construction.  The contour pouch lifts and snugly holds the package outward.  The material also forgives when more room is required.  No matter if you dress downward, upward, or to either side, you will not feel cramped with this miracle material.

Now, to our rating scale.  Each pair we review is given one of the following:

Flirting Material: It fits okay, really great to wear out for a short amount of time.

Hookup Material: The fit is much better, sits well and wears well, but might not be comfortable for all day wear.

Dating Material: The fit is great, sits well, accentuates the positives and wears really well - suitable for all day wear.

Match Made in Heaven: You love the fit, you love the style, best undies you've worn in years and will be part of your regular wear.

Without a doubt, this is a match made in heaven. I could see myself throwing these in the wash and wearing them the next day.  They are really that comfortable and make me feel wonderful while wearing them!  As I said, I own quite a few pairs of 2xist underwear and trying to pick just one each morning is a chore, but these stand out among the rest.  The material and construction take them to the head of the line.  If my dresser drawers were filled with the Brite and Sliq lines, I'd be the happiest man in the world.

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