Thursday, August 11, 2011


I live near a hospital and every once in a while I get to see Doctors and other hospital employees in their scrubs on. Some of them even freeball in them and I get to see all of the nice bulges bouncing and swaying as they walk. The other day, as I was getting on the subway to go to the office, there was a hottie doc getting on as well, and he had light blue scrubs on...clearly freeballing. Doors opened, we got on and he stood near me...clearly showing off...I couldn't help it. I looked, and watched that bulge...and when he caught me looking...his bulge started to grow and he got hard! Was such a hot sight to behold...he just stood there and didn't hide it...proud!  MMMMMM...always nice to see some hot bulges!

here's the purple 2xist Resort briefs I've had on all day today...and a different picture angle for a friend suggested that I try a different angle for my shots.

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