Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bigger Bulges?

I was asked a question on formspring about how to make a big bulge...and while the entire question was "how to make a big bulge" and that could go many different directions, here's my answer:

not sure what you're asking...there are some great bulge enhancing undies out there these days and there are also some underwear that just help you to enhance what you've been naturally given by allowing you to hang free and natural (pouch style) without actually providing anything that will lift you and show you off. I would recommend Andrew Christian Almost Naked line or Obviously for those styles...bulge enhancing can be found in styles by Andrew Christian and Joe Snyder...well those are my favourites in that department anyway....hope that helped...

here's the black papi trunks I've had on today...seemed like an appropriate question for the blog, so dual posting it!  

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