Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 1: Black American Apparel Briefs

Hello folks! Yesterday I took a video showcasing most of my underwear collection and posted it on my Instagram.  I never actually counted the number of pairs I have and thought this would be a fun way to see exactly how many pairs of undies I own.  Much like how Undiesboy is doing his "Pair a Day" challenge, I decided to join in on the fun myself. I am going to wear every pair I own without re-wearing anything that goes in through the wash.  I will documenting this on here as well as my Instagram.  Here goes nothing!

This will be my 1st pair for the challenge.  Pair 1: black American Apparel Briefs.

Much more to come!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 830 - Blue with Yellow Bikini Briefs

I've absolutely no idea what brand this is. I got it off eBay with a few others and hadn't worn it yet. I think I've worn my other colour, but can't be positive. These are bright blue with yellow piping all along them. They are super comfortable and have been super easy to wear all day. Great bulge in the jeans too...can't complain about that.

RWraith55 Underwear Review: thrIII Jockstrap

Hey boys!! I had the honor of trying out a new brand that just surfaced recently. It's a brand called thrIII (three). As always I'm a fanatic about jockstraps and it just so happens that that is what they guys over at thrIII wanted to have reviewed. 

You can deny that when good things come together its a match made in heaven. So I obviously couldn't pass up the chance. Here is some quick info on the brand/company. But I personally want to say that it was very refreshing to view their site and the product they have and part of that is due to the models. Its amazing to see regular guys on a website sporting underwear and not overly ripped men with above perfect physiques.

The husband and husband team of Corey and Rusty Bell started thrIII for two reasons, for Corey it was about fit and finding the right pair of underwear, for Rusty it was a chance to take his love of mens underwear and his passion for designing great clothing to the next level. 

Dallas based, fun, sexy, and comfortable underwear and lounge-wear designed for real men. Available in sizes M-3XL, thrIII strives to bring a body positive attitude to menswear and a confidence to every wearer.  The inspiration for this line comes from the sensuality and toughness that each man has within him."

Fall 2014 Collection
The inspiration for this collection comes from my club-kid days of the early 90’s living in a Spiceworld of excess.  These designs are expanding on the dichotomy that was at the center of my being during that time – the want to live in excess and the need to exist in reality. I stretch to capture this hardcore mentality with a fresh comfort and strength.

Now its time to talk specifically about the thrIII jock strap I reviewed. Below you will find pics of me sporting the jock strap. I wore it all day long including going to the gym. The boys at thrIII sent me a size LARGE jock based on the sizing info I gave to them. At first I was worried when I saw a large come in the mail since I'm a bigger guy with my legs and ass, but the size worked out PERFECTLY. The waist is snug but not too tight. The pouch has a great deal of room for my package which I personally believe is above average :) I also felt that the pouch did a little lifting too but nothing too crazy like other brands that have "lifting tech".

Now this jock strap does something a little different. I found the leg straps to be a bit wider than most on the market today. It was different but not at all bad. They were comfortable so no issues wearing them for the whole day. I did notice at the end of the day that the leg straps seemed a bit loose compared to that of the waistband, but again, nothing that I would say that took away from the fit and total comfort of this sweet jock. 

Below is our rating scale for our underwear/gear reviews:

Flirting Material: It fits okay, really great to wear out for a short amount of time.
Hookup Material: The fit is much better, sits well and wears well, but might not be comfortable for all day wear.
Dating Material:  The fit is great, sits well, accentuates the positives and wears really well - suitable for all day wear.
Match Made in Heaven: You love the fit, you love the style, best undies you've worn in years and will be part of your regular wear.

I can say, HANDS DOWN, that this jockstrap was great. And it gets my rating of a "Match Made in Heaven"! The thrIII jock strap was both comfortable and sexy. The materials used and the size were spot on. I would sport this jock again and again and recommend it to you all. 

I want to thank Corey and Rusty for partnering with us to do this review and sending me the jock. I hope that you will all take the time to check out this new brand and specifically this SEXY jock strap!

Have a good one!

just a quick post

hey bloggers and viewers hope your all enjoying all the reviews that we got going on.. heres a quick post something blue and bright for this crappy day ugh well hope you all rock something sexy and fun today…i like the material its amazing but could of enjoyed a smaller band its thick and makes me look fatter than i am lol!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 829 - Purple and Yellow Striped Bikinis

I have had these for a while and have them in another colour as well. I hadn't worn these purple and yellow ones yet and the colour combination really intrigued me when I first bought them. There's also a bright Gold G on the front of these, which make them mine! They must be, they have my initial on them! They are super soft and comfortable, which make them super easy to wear all day long. They are full on my ass, which means no riding up all day, which is amazing in my book. Nothing worse than undies riding up your bum!

Apollowear Review

Pauly C here with another review on a sweet pair of undies from Apollowear!  I could not find these on the site so if they haven't been made public yet, I am honored to write this review! Thanks Apollowear!

These undies are of the bikini style.  Pretty skimpy all around. They are made of really comfortable material that is very breathable due to the mesh style they possess, like basketball shorts. What's cool about these is that they come equipped with a non traditional fly.  It offers quite a view of the goods, and is big enough to easily flop out your junk for peeing or for other fun means...

I love the red piping around the fly opening.  Goes in great contrast with the black material.

The fit on me is rather small.  These are a size small which is my usual, but I feel a medium would have fit better.  My cheeks barely fit in them, which makes this pair rather uncomfortable for me to wear throughout the day.  That's the only drawback that came to mind after I put them on

As part of our rating system, I would have to rate these as Flirting Material due to the sizing. These are a nice pair and are quite sexy, but I could not tolerate wearing them for more then a short period of time.  that will not stop them from becoming part of my bedroom wear drawer though!  If you're interested, definitely order a size up.

Thanks for the pair Apollowear!  You can check out there website here and see what sexiness they have to offer!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 828 - Blue HOM trunks

I had a wonderful day of relaxation yesterday getting caught up on Season Two of Million Dollar Listing NY - yeah, I know I'm behind. Sometimes you need that though, and I definitely needed that. I got up today and had brunch with a friend that's new to the city and then we wandered around SoHo so I definitely wanted something comfortable for under the shorts (it was really nice today). These are some of the most comfortable HOM trunks I have ever worn, they are silky smooth.