Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guest Bulge

Over the past few weeks, Undiesboy and I had been discussing our mutual penchant for underwear and it came up in our talks that I love trading underwear and trying on other men's briefs. As it turned out, Undiesboy also loves trading his underwear and was more than happy to send some my way to wear. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I waited as patiently as I could until I noticed the mail-person drop off a package by my mailbox. The wait was finally over. I sprinted up my driveway, retrieved the mail, and ran back for my bedroom and immediately locked the door behind me as I ripped open the bag. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. New-to-me yet pre-worn briefs, all for me! 

Right off the bat I noticed the bright orange AussieBum brief. It is flashy, looks smaller than what I thought it would be, but fits nicely for a medium. It is very soft, form fitting yet snug, and looks pretty shnazzy I think. It is definitely a departure color wise from my usual tighty whities but I can see myself strutting around in them in mixed company with no shame despite the cartoon print. Yes, adult cartoon briefs! I am pretty pumped. However, with as snug as it is on me my pouch is tucked away. This should be no issue though, a few morning woodies from now and it'll be stretched to fit.

Next, I fished out the silky, blue Papi trunk-brief hybrid. For as snug as the AussieBum brief was for my pouch, the Papi brief more than makes up for it. The around-the-groin stitch provides an amazing separation and lifting sensation for my twig and berries. It even appears to enhance it, too, which I cannot complain at all about. The silky fabric also makes this brief super comfortable, breezy, and very lightweight. This will definitely come in handy during the humid summer months. Plus, the interesting print makes me feel rather exotic. I can picture myself laying on a foreign beach in just these and fitting in perfectly with the locals.

Finally, what I could instinctively tell would be my favorite, was the Croota brief. Basically, it felts like and looks like Heaven on me (if I could be so vain). The feel, again, is very soft, and with that comes a great fit.  I rarely workout, and I have a rather flat backside, but what I like most about this brief is what it does for my butt. I have never been able to find a brief that fits over my cheeks as perfectly as this one does. And that magic little up-the-crack "wedgie" it gives really makes my ass pop, instead of just hiding it or making it look like it bleeds into the rest of my body. I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on some more Croota briefs. 

Also, as I mentioned in my first post, I have a thing for jockstraps as well. I picked up this small and thin-banded white "swimmers jockstrap" a few months back at a small athletics store across town. It has not disappointed. I recommend branching out and experimenting with jockstraps too, if you haven't already done so. And this one is a nice starter, as it is very lightweight and less restrictive than some for added support and movement. Plus, you'll look hot as Hell as it accentuates your ass and cock.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 836 - CiN2 Culture Club briefs...

When I saw these in the store, I just had to have them. They were bright and so colourful and the pattern was just HOT. I bought these and another new brand I had never tried before, that have yet to be worn. These are some really hot and sexy CiN2 briefs, so comfortable and so easy to wear all day long. I had a date tonight and these didn't disappoint in keeping me comfortable. I forgot how much fun it is to make out with someone outside their apt on an early date as you're saying goodnight...so much fun!

Day 6: Calvin Klein checkered brief

Today I picked these out of my drawer.  Haven't worn them in a while and thought they could use some love! These undies are made of very comfortable nylon that feels very soft against the skin.  The pouch holds my goods in a snug fashion and adds a little bit of flair to them as well.  The pattern is awesome, black and white scratched checkers.  These undies got me a couple looks in the locker room at the gym tonight too!

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RWraith55 Underwear Review: Apollowear - WJ Buns Jock

Hello boys/men! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Mine was so-so and surprisingly I didn't drink. Maybe that's why it was only so-so. Anyways, I'm a bit late in posting this review so I apologize. As you have noticed we have a great deal of gear given to us to review by Apollowear. The guys there really hooked us up! Thanks again for generosity to help make these reviews possible.

I had the opportunity to review the WJ Buns Jock. Which at first glance is what i would call a brief jock. Looks very much like a brief from the from but with the ass cut out.

Unfortunately, I don't have many positive things to say about this jock. The brand says its a size XL but not for a guy of my size. The website mentions that their XL are a size 33 waist. If that is the case then this brand is only good for very skinny twink boys or skinny but built muscle otters not a athletic husky guy like myself (did I do well describing myself with out saying fat or chubby, LOL).

Based on this sizing it was not a comfortable jock to sport for a whole day. The waist was obviously too tight for me. The pouch didn't have enough room for my balls let alone the rest of my manly package. So the pouch was very uncomfortable. The leg straps/back size was obviously meant for someone with a smaller ass since the straps didn't outline my ass as much as run right up the middle of each cheek. See pics below for further detail.

Below is our rating scale for our underwear/gear reviews:

Flirting Material: It fits okay, really great to wear out for a short amount of time.
Hookup Material: The fit is much better, sits well and wears well, but might not be comfortable for all day wear.
Dating Material:  The fit is great, sits well, accentuates the positives and wears really well - suitable for all day wear.
Match Made in Heaven: You love the fit, you love the style, best undies you've worn in years and will be part of your regular wear.

In terms of our rating scale I can't even give the WJ Buns Jock a rating. This jock as well as the whole WJ line isn't designed for guys with a waist size above 33. They say their XL is a 33. Which is fine if the rest of the world thought that a 33 inch waist was an XL, but they don't. So if you are around a 33 in waist and like what you see, please check out the Apollowear website for all the WJ brand gear they carry.  But don't exclude Apollowear from your underwear shopping options. They have other brands that might fit you.

Have a great week!!

Day 5: Papi Trunks

today I wore these lovely trunks that Undiesboy has been so nice to give to me.  I love these trunks, from the color scheme, to the patten, to the comfort they offer.  I feel like i am wearing briefs when I wear them.  These were also my first pair of Papi underwear, can't wait to add more to my ever growing collection! Thanks Undiesboy!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 835 - Purple Joe's Low Rise Trunks

I couldn't think of a better pair of underwear to wear on Easter than these bright purple Joe's trunks. I have them in several other colours as well, and this is the last of them that need to be worn, so I'm very excited to finish them out today with bright purple. Hope everyone had the happiest of holidays!

Day 4: Aeropostale Boxer Briefs

 I was a little bit busy yesterday and didn't have time to make a post on here but I figured I would make up for it by giving you a 2 for 1 (2 posts) special today! An Easter gift from me.

Yesterday I wore these Aeropostale boxer briefs.  I normally don't wear boxer briefs too often anymore so this is a rarity for me and a special occasion for you, if boxer briefs happen to be your thing ;)  I do love the shades of red and white stripe pattern.  Only thing I do not like about these and boxer briefs in general is that the legs ride up on me. But I have to admit they give my ass that nice round look!

The other post for today's pair will come later today. Happy Easter!